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GstarCAD 2020 Professional Free Download

GstarCAD 2020 Professional Free Download

GstarCAD 2020 Professional is a powerful CAD software that offers a high level of compatibility with AutoCAD and other popular CAD formats. It provides a comprehensive set of tools for 2D and 3D design, drafting, annotation, and collaboration. Whether you are an architect, engineer, designer, or hobbyist, you can use GstarCAD 2020 Professional to create stunning drawings and models with ease and efficiency.

Features of GstarCAD 2020 Professional

GstarCAD 2020 Professional has many features that make it stand out from other CAD software. Some of the main features are:

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  • Dynamic Blocks: You can create and edit dynamic blocks that can change their shape, size, and configuration according to different parameters. Dynamic blocks can help you save time and reduce errors by simplifying your drawing process.

  • Magnifier: You can use the magnifier tool to zoom in on a specific area of your drawing without changing the view scale. This can help you check the details and accuracy of your drawing more easily.

  • PDF Import and Export: You can import PDF files as underlays or vector objects into your drawing, and export your drawing as PDF files with layers, hyperlinks, and bookmarks. This can help you share your drawing with others more conveniently.

  • Collaboration System: You can use the collaboration system to work with other users on the same drawing in real time. You can chat, comment, mark up, and synchronize your changes with others. This can help you improve your teamwork and productivity.

  • 3D Modeling and Rendering: You can create and edit 3D models using various modeling methods, such as solid, surface, mesh, and parametric modeling. You can also apply materials, lights, and backgrounds to your models, and render them with realistic effects.

How to Download GstarCAD 2020 Professional for Free

If you want to try GstarCAD 2020 Professional for free, you can download the trial version from the official website. The trial version is valid for 30 days and has no functional limitations. You can use all the features of GstarCAD 2020 Professional without any restrictions.

To download the trial version, you need to fill in a simple form with your name, email address, country, and industry. After submitting the form, you will receive an email with the download link and the activation code. You can then download the installation file and run it on your computer. You need to enter the activation code when prompted to activate the trial version.

If you like GstarCAD 2020 Professional and want to buy it, you can visit the official website again and choose the license type that suits your needs. You can buy a perpetual license or a subscription license for one year or three years. You can also choose between a standalone license or a network license depending on how many users you have.


GstarCAD 2020 Professional is a versatile CAD software that can meet the needs of various industries and users. It has a high compatibility with AutoCAD and other CAD formats, and offers a rich set of features for 2D and 3D design, drafting, annotation, and collaboration. You can download the trial version for free from the official website and experience its benefits yourself.


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