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Malayalam Nadirsha Comedy Titanenic

Malayalam Nadirsha Comedy Titanenic

Malayalam Nadirsha Comedy Titanenic is a hilarious parody of the Hollywood blockbuster Titanic, created by the famous Malayalam comedian and director Nadirsha and his team. The parody was released as an audio album in 1998 and became a huge hit among the Malayalam audience. The album features Nadirsha, Harisree Martin, Thomas Thoppilkudy and others in various roles, mimicking the original characters and scenes from Titanic with witty dialogues and funny lyrics.

Malayalam Nadirsha Comedy Titanenic

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The parody album consists of 12 tracks, each corresponding to a scene from Titanic. The tracks are titled as follows:

  • Titanenic - The title track, which introduces the story and the characters.

  • Jack & Rose - The track that depicts the romance between Jack and Rose, played by Nadirsha and Harisree Martin respectively.

  • Cal & Ruth - The track that portrays the antagonists Cal and Ruth, played by Thomas Thoppilkudy and Harisree Martin respectively.

  • Molly Brown - The track that features Molly Brown, played by Harisree Martin, who helps Jack and Rose escape from Cal.

  • Iceberg - The track that shows the collision of the ship with the iceberg and the panic that ensues.

  • Lifeboat - The track that depicts the struggle of the passengers to get on the lifeboats.

  • Band - The track that pays tribute to the band that played music till the end.

  • Car - The track that recreates the famous car scene between Jack and Rose.

  • Drawing - The track that mimics the scene where Jack draws Rose.

  • Heart of the Ocean - The track that reveals the mystery of the necklace that Rose throws into the ocean.

  • Sinking - The track that describes the sinking of the ship and the death of Jack.

  • Old Rose - The track that concludes the story with Old Rose, played by Harisree Martin, who narrates her experience to a group of explorers.

The parody album is full of humor, satire, sarcasm and creativity. It makes fun of the clichés, loopholes and exaggerations of Titanic, while also paying homage to its iconic scenes and dialogues. The album also incorporates references to Malayalam culture, politics, cinema and celebrities. The album is widely regarded as one of the best comedy albums in Malayalam and has a cult following among the fans of Nadirsha and Titanic.

The parody album can be listened to on YouTube through these links: [Titanenic ടറ്റണനക്ക് super hit malayalam comedy Nadirsha team] or [Titanenic Superhit Malayalam Comedy Album ടറ്റണനക്ക് Audio Jukebox Nadirsha]. A video version of the parody can also be watched on YouTube through this link: [2 Malayalam Comedy Titanic].


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