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Acustica Audio Silk EQ Review: A Smooth and Versatile Equalizer

Acustica Audio is a company that specializes in creating high-quality audio plugins that emulate the sound and behavior of analog hardware. One of their latest products is the Silk EQ, a four-band equalizer that is based on the legendary Sontec 432 mastering EQ. The Silk EQ is designed to offer a smooth and musical sound, with a wide range of tonal possibilities and a flexible workflow. In this article, we will take a closer look at the features and performance of the Silk EQ, and see how it compares to other equalizers on the market.

Features and Interface

The Silk EQ has four bands of equalization, each with a selectable frequency range and a variable Q control. The frequency ranges are as follows:

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  • Low band: 20 Hz to 400 Hz

  • Low-mid band: 200 Hz to 4 kHz

  • High-mid band: 800 Hz to 16 kHz

  • High band: 3 kHz to 40 kHz

The Q control allows you to adjust the bandwidth of each band, from narrow to wide. The Q values are not displayed numerically, but rather as a percentage, from 0% to 100%. The higher the percentage, the narrower the bandwidth. The Q control also affects the shape of the filter curve, from bell to shelf. For example, at 0% Q, the low and high bands act as shelving filters, while at 100% Q, they act as peak filters.

The Silk EQ also has a master gain control, which allows you to adjust the overall output level of the plugin. The gain range is from -24 dB to +24 dB, with a default value of 0 dB. The gain control also has a bypass switch, which lets you compare the processed and unprocessed signals.

The interface of the Silk EQ is simple and intuitive, with a sleek and elegant design. The plugin has two main views: Standard and Extended. The Standard view shows only the essential controls, such as the frequency, gain, and Q knobs for each band, and the master gain control. The Extended view shows additional controls, such as the input and output meters, the phase inversion switch, the oversampling option, and the preset manager. The Extended view also shows a graphical representation of the frequency response curve, which updates in real time as you adjust the parameters.

Sound and Performance

The sound of the Silk EQ is smooth and musical, with a subtle analog character. The plugin does not introduce any harshness or artifacts, even when boosting or cutting large amounts of gain. The plugin can handle a variety of audio sources, from vocals and guitars to drums and synths. The plugin can also be used for different purposes, from subtle tonal shaping to creative sound design.

The Silk EQ is especially good at enhancing the high frequencies, adding air and sparkle without sounding harsh or brittle. The high band can go up to 40 kHz, which is beyond the human hearing range, but still affects the perception of brightness and clarity. The low band can also add warmth and weight to the low end, without making it muddy or boomy. The mid bands are versatile and flexible, allowing you to sculpt the midrange with precision and musicality.

The performance of the Silk EQ is also impressive, considering the quality and complexity of the plugin. The plugin uses Acustica Audio's proprietary Acqua technology, which emulates the analog circuitry using dynamic convolution. This means that the plugin captures not only the frequency response, but also the harmonic distortion, transient response, and dynamic behavior of the original hardware. This results in a more realistic and natural sound, but also requires more CPU power than traditional digital plugins.

To optimize the performance of the Silk EQ, you can use the oversampling option in the Extended view. The oversampling option allows you to increase or decrease the internal sample rate of the plugin, which affects both the sound quality and the CPU usage. The default value is x2, which means that the plugin runs at twice the sample rate of your DAW project. You can increase it up to x4 for better sound quality, or decrease it down to x1 for lower CPU usage. You can also turn off the oversampling completely, which reduces the CPU usage even further, but also lowers the sound quality and introduces aliasing artifacts.

Comparison and Conclusion

The Silk EQ is not the only equalizer plugin that is based on the Sontec 432. There are other plugins that emulate the same hardware, such as the DMG Audio Equilibrium, the IK Multimedia Master EQ 432, and the UAD Sontec MES-432C. How does the Silk EQ compare to these plugins?

The Silk EQ has some advantages and disadvantages over its competitors. On the plus side, the Silk EQ has a more flexible Q control, which allows you to adjust the bandwidth and shape of each band independently. The other plugins have fixed Q values for each band, which limits the tonal possibilities. The Silk EQ also has a more intuitive and user-friendly interface, which makes it easier to use and tweak. The other plugins have more cluttered and complex interfaces, which can be overwhelming and confusing.

On the minus side, the Silk EQ has a higher CPU usage than the other plugins, which can be a problem for some users. The other plugins are more CPU-efficient, which allows you to use more instances of them without affecting your system performance. The Silk EQ also has a smaller frequency range than the other plugins, which can be a limitation for some applications. The other plugins have wider frequency ranges, which allow you to access more extreme frequencies for more creative effects.

In conclusion, the Silk EQ is a smooth and versatile equalizer plugin that can enhance any audio source with its musical and analog sound. The plugin has a simple and elegant interface, a flexible Q control, and a realistic emulation of the Sontec 432 hardware. The plugin also has some drawbacks, such as its high CPU usage and its limited frequency range. However, these are minor issues that can be overcome with proper settings and adjustments. The Silk EQ is a great addition to any plugin collection, and a worthy contender in the market of equalizer plugins.


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