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Bouncing Duck Simulator Download] [full Version]

Bouncing Duck Simulator Download [Full Version]

If you are looking for a fun and quirky game that will make you laugh and challenge your skills, then you might want to check out Bouncing Duck Simulator. This is a game that allows you to fulfill your wildest dreams of bouncing rubber ducks around a room, collecting different types of ducks, and unlocking hidden endings and achievements. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Bouncing Duck Simulator, including how to download the full version for free.

What is Bouncing Duck Simulator?

Bouncing Duck Simulator is a casual simulation game developed by EYEJAM STUDIOS and Damien Sueur, and published by EYEJAM STUDIOS on Steam. The game was released on September 8, 2017, and has received very positive reviews from the players. The game features:

Download File:

  • A room made of 6 walls, allowing for crazy bouncing action!

  • Three different endings and hidden techniques/achievements, for a great replayability!

  • A wide range of collectable ducks that you have to find to complete the Duckedex to 100%!

  • Many duck combinations and non-linear gameplay, every playthrough is unique!

  • Various duck sounds that will haunt you for days (months), even during your sleep!

The goal of the game is to bounce your way to the ultimate title of Master Bouncer. You can use your mouse to control the direction and speed of your duck, and bounce it off the walls, ceiling, floor, and other ducks. You can also collect different types of ducks, such as pink ducks, golden ducks, ninja ducks, and more. Each duck has its own characteristics and effects on the gameplay. For example, some ducks can explode, some can multiply, some can change the color of the room, and so on. You can also unlock different endings and achievements by performing certain actions or reaching certain milestones in the game. For example, you can unlock the "Ducktator" ending by collecting all the golden ducks, or the "Duckception" achievement by bouncing a duck inside another duck.

How to Download Bouncing Duck Simulator [Full Version]?

If you want to download Bouncing Duck Simulator [Full Version], you have two options: either buy it from Steam or download it for free from GameLoop. Here are the steps for each option:

Option 1: Buy Bouncing Duck Simulator from Steam

If you want to support the developers and enjoy the full features of the game, you can buy Bouncing Duck Simulator from Steam for $4.99. To do so, you need to have a Steam account and a valid payment method. Here are the steps to buy Bouncing Duck Simulator from Steam:

  • Go to the [Bouncing Duck Simulator page] on Steam.

  • Click on the "Add to Cart" button.

  • Click on the "Purchase for myself" or "Purchase as a gift" button.

  • Follow the instructions to complete the payment process.

  • Once the payment is done, you can download and install Bouncing Duck Simulator from your Steam library.

The system requirements for Bouncing Duck Simulator are minimal: you need Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10, 2.0 GHz processor, 2 GB RAM, and 150 MB available space.

Option 2: Download Bouncing Duck Simulator for Free from GameLoop

If you want to download Bouncing Duck Simulator for free, you can use GameLoop, which is a platform that allows you to download and play top steam games on PC. GameLoop offers you the latest best deals at GameDeal. Here are the steps to download Bouncing Duck Simulator for free from GameLoop:

  • Go to the [GameLoop website].

  • Search for Bouncing Duck Simulator in the search bar.

  • Click on the "Get" button.

  • Follow the instructions to download and install GameLoop and Bouncing Duck Simulator on your PC.

Note that downloading Bouncing Duck Simulator for free from GameLoop may not give you the full features and updates of the game, and may not be legal in some countries. Please use this option at your own risk.


Bouncing Duck Simulator is a hilarious and addictive game that will make you bounce rubber ducks for hours. You can download the full version of the game either by buying it from Steam or by downloading it for free from GameLoop. Either way, you will have a lot of fun bouncing ducks and discovering the secrets of the game. We hope this article has helped you learn more about Bouncing Duck Simulator and how to download it. Happy bouncing!


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